Neighbors from Los Feliz working together to address concerns and developments affecting our community.

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What we can do as a community:

support los feliz neighborhood petition at change.org

Neighbors from Los Feliz concerned with the Lyman / Clayton / Hillhurst / Hollywood lot can sign a community petition that rejects the current development proposal in favor of a plan more consistent with our neighborhood.

write los feliz neighborhood policymakers

Write policymakers about our concerns as a community:

1. Reject the current permit adjustments and development plans that violate current building codes.
This means not building 4 ft. taller & 5 ft. wider, and not eliminating the alleyway connecting Hillhurst & Lyman Pl.

2. Redesign the "City Lights Los Feliz" development proposal to fit local buildings and/or incorporate the existing historic Hollywood Ford building on site.

3. Increase parking within the development site for both tenants and retail customers.

support los feliz neighborhood petition at change.org

Print, post, and pass out flyers around Los Feliz and near policymaker's homes and offices. Download the flyer by clicking the image below or as a PDF support los feliz neighborhood petition at change.org

contact stopcitylightslosfeliz@gmail.com